Fourze (Fire State)

Fire States is Kamen Rider Fourze's red form accessed by the powers of the Fire Switch. In Fire States, Fourze is able to use the Fire Module Hee-Hackgun which can change into Flame Mode to be able to shoot fire, and Fire Extinguisher Mode, where it can shoot fire-dousing foam. Fire States shows an increase in punching and kicking power, but sufffers a loss of jumping height and its running speed is slower. During the fight with the Alter Zodiarts, much like pyrokinesis was the dormant power of the Ara constellation's Cosmic Energy, the dormant power of the Fire Switch's Cosmic Energy is to absorb heat-based attacks and store the power into the Switch
Like the Elek Switch, the Fire Switch can cause a Limit Break by inserting it in front of the first hand grip on the Hee-Hackgun, though unlike Elek States, Fire States has two Module-induced Limit Breaks: an unnamed one in Fire Extinguisher Mode that shot out water like a fire hose, and the Rider Exploding Shoot Limit Break, where Fourze releases pent-up thermal energy in the Fire Switch in a powerful fiery blast from the Hee-Hackgun. He also has an unnamed Limit Break in conjunction with the Launcher and Gatling Switches where he fires a barrage of fire, missiles, and bullets to multiple targets. This form debuted in Episode 9. Like Elek States, care must be taken when the Fire Switch is inserted into the Hee-Hackgun, as switching off the Fire Switch while in the Fire Module will result in Fourze being reverted back into Base States. Please set up your display resolution with the same size as wallpaper dekstop before you fill up Kamen Rider Fourze (Fire State) wallpaper.

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