Kamen Rider Gill

Kamen Rider Gills  is a fictional anti-hero protagonist character of the 2001 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Agito. Ryō Ashihara is the original user from Kamen Rider Agito series. He was formerly a star swimmer from Jyohoku University, Ashihara's future as a swimmer came to an end after a near-fatal car accident. That event sparked Ashihara's metamorphosis into Kamen Rider Gills, a flawed form of Agito. The loneliness from being rejected and feared by those he knew fueled his lust for battle, which in turn made Gills increasingly wild. His ferociousness is so great, that Gills appears as brutal in the eyes of those who witness him in battle; wildly brandishing his claws and tendrils at his adversaries.The wallpaper originaly created by akemi. Please set up your display resolution with the same size as wallpaper dekstop before you fill up Kamen Rider Gill wallpaper.

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