Ultraman Mebius (Mebius Brave)

Ultraman Mebius can transform into brave mode if has the knight brace with him. It was given to him by Hikari and he later gave it back to him 

  • Blade Overload: Mebius can create, from the Knight Brace on his left hand, a large yellow blade, even larger than the normal Blade, that can slice through monsters with ease. This can extend to longer sizes. Can destroy monsters in one slash.
  • Bash Blade Attack: Able to repel enemy defense technique.
  • Spin Blade Attack: Make the enemy rotation and cut it with the Mebium Blade.
  • Blade Shot: Mebius can charge the Knight Blade with energy, and by swinging it, he can emit an energy stream from the sword. Can destroy a monster in one shot.
  • Active Blade Attack: Mebius rush towards his enemy then, he quickly cut his enemy with various cuts and the energy will creating an "8" shape in their body, and explode shortly.
  • Mebium Knight Blade Attack: Mebius Can shoot in Ultra High Speed energy that can destroy monster in one impact.  
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